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  • can anyone take a class?
    yes!! these classes are set up for all skill levels. if you notice on the class info page, each class has a difficulity level. they are ranked by easy, intermedieate, challenging.
  • what do i need for class?
    after your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download the class packet. it will give you all the info needed for the class. the packet will also contain an ingredient and equipment list. make sure you read the packet in its entirety before beginning. you can reach out to me anytime at if you need help along the way.
  • can i view my class after it is over?
    yes!!! your class will be recorded and available to download for 2 weeks after if has been posted. it will be deleted after the 2 weeks, so don't forget to download it.
  • can i give the class as a gift?
    yes!! giving the class as a gift is a great idea. we offer gift cards for just that purpose. we can also host a private class if you would like. please reach out to me at and we will set you up.
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